Local public health intelligence online community

Public Health England has published ‘Local public health intelligence online community’.

Image source: https://www.gov.uk/

Public Health England (PHE) is piloting an online space on Knowledge Hub to share information about local knowledge and intelligence products and services.

Knowledge Hub gives PHE in each geographical PHE Centre location, a way to make it easier for local partners to keep up to date with the relevant health intelligence relating to their area, and to take part in discussions.

The initial phase, focussing on knowledge and intelligence, is based on user needs identified as part of the transition work on legacy Public Health Observatory (PHO) websites.

The content includes:

  • information about our local knowledge and intelligence service
  • discussion forums for people working in local public health
  • links to the content from old PHO websites on national archives

Content on GOV.UK about PHE centres, the local presence of PHE have also been improved.

If you want to join Knowledge Hub, you’ll need to open an account first then find and register with your local group.

Read more here


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