Getting active for better musculoskeletal health

Musculoskeletal conditions affect over 10 million people and are the leading cause of disability in England | Public Health England


For many years there has been a perception that arthritis and back pain are unavoidable and part of the ageing process and the focus has been on conventional treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort.

However, increasingly we are seeing that unhealthy lifestyles contribute to the cause of musculoskeletal conditions, and an ageing population, rising obesity rates and reduced level of physical activity will only increase the prevalence of these conditions, and result in rising costs to the health and social care system.

We need to change how we view musculoskeletal conditions with a focus on prevention, early detection and treatment using the life course whole systems approach.

A new report from the Department of Health, Public Health England, NHS England and Arthritis Research UK highlights the outcomes of programmes that offer physical activity interventions for musculoskeletal conditions that are effective across care pathways, cost effective and provide long term health benefits for individuals across the life course.

Read the full over view here

Read the full report here


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