More Money in Your Pocket

Age UK has published ‘More money in your pocket: a guide to claiming benefits for people over pension age’.

More money in your pocket
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This report suggests that nearly 3 million older people struggling financially despite £3.5 billion in unclaimed benefits. Age UK is highlighting the rise in pensioner poverty and urging older people to check if they could be eligible to claim any additional benefits.

Age UK has updated its money guides and provides a free online benefits calculator to help signpost the benefits which are available. According to latest government figures, 1.9 million pensioners are now living below the poverty line. The same research found that one in 10 people over 65 would not be able to pay an unexpected expense of £200, to replace a broken washing machine for example. Age UK is urging older people who are struggling financially to check if they could be entitled to extra assistance.

The Government provides a range of benefits to help older people financially, such as Housing Benefit and Pension Credit. Pension Credit has slightly increased this month and could be a much-needed income boost to some in later life. In fact, if people who are eligible for Pension Credit make a claim, it could increase their income by an average of £42 a week – that’s £2,184 a year.

Read the report here


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