Health & Work

A series of infographics intended to help raise awareness and understanding of the relationship between health and work. | Public Health England | The Work Foundation

Public Health England and The Work Foundation have collaborated to produce the following 13 infographics:

  1. Spotlight on mental health
  2. Cost of ill health
  3. Health of the working age population
  4. Health of UK employees
  5. Spotlight on musculoskeletal conditions (MSK)
  6. Managing health at work for employers
  7. Spotlight on small medium enterprises (SME)
  8. Unemployment and economic inactivity
  9. Welfare
  10. The local picture
  11. Supporting older workers with health problems
  12. Young people and health at work
  13. Spotlight on alcohol, drugs and tobacco

These infographics are intended to help public health practitioners, local authorities and policy makers to make the case and inform planning on embedding health, work and worklessness within and across these issues.

health work
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