‘Remarkable’ drop in new HIV cases among men

For the first time, new diagnoses of HIV have fallen among men who have sex with men in England, according to data from Public Health England | BBC News

B0010025 HIV maturation, HIV viral life cycle, illustration
Image source: David S. Goodsell, The Scripps Research Institute, Wellcome Images // CC BY 4.0

Image shows watercolour and ink on paper illustration of HIV maturation.

They have decreased from 2,060 in 2014-15 to 1,700 in 2015-16, while in London there was an even steeper drop. PHE said increased testing, fast treatment with HIV therapy and the use of preventative drug Prep have all contributed to the trend.

New HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals have remained stable. While huge advances have been made in treating HIV/Aids, there has been frustration at a lack of progress in reducing the number of men being diagnosed each year. New infections in the UK had been stuck at about 3,000 every year in the five years up to 2015.

Full news story here



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