Public health skills and knowledge framework

Public Health England has issued an updated the Public health skills and knowledge framework.

The revised framework aims to reflect the current public health landscape, ensuring the public health workforce continues to develop the skills and competencies needed both now and in future. This framework is accompanied by a user guide explaining how it can be used by individuals, employers and educational providers working in public health.


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Regional and local, social care workforce information

These reports are regularly published by Skills for Care using data from the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) and share the latest data and information about our sector.


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Each report gives an overview of the adult social care workforce by region and local authority area in easy to follow sections, and shares the following information:

  • the population and age profile (i.e how many people might need care in the future)
  • whether the ageing population is likely to increase (helpful for service planning)
  • how many workers are employed
  • how many and what type of organisations deliver care
  • how many jobs there are and the types of jobs i.e. managerial, frontline workers
  • the profile of the workers by age, gender and nationality
  • how qualified the workforce are
  • the recruitment and retention issues facing the area
  • average pay rates.

The reports use data collected by the NMDS-SC to create workforce models that, in turn, allow us to produce estimates of the whole adult social care workforce. This ensures that the results are not affected by any uneven levels of data coverage in the NMDS-SC.

Read the overview here

Find the Yorkshire & Humber infographic here

Public Health Knowledge and Skills Framework

Public Health England has published PHSKF: presenting a revised framework and exploring the development of a digital platform (‘skills passport’).

This report provides an update on the review of the public health skills and knowledge framework (PHSKF) and the skills passport.  The framework has been simplified and re-designed to reflect the full range of functions and activities carried out by people who work towards the delivery of public health outcomes in the UK.

Breast screening: national radiographic workforce report 2016

Public Health England | First published: 7 November 2016

This report complements the previous radiology workforce census and should inform future workforce training and planning in the NHS Breast Screening Programme.

All 4 tiers of the radiographic workforce in the programme were surveyed. The report analyses staffing, vacancy rates, retirements, training routes and attitudes of radiographic staff to workforce issues.


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Read the full report here

Building knowledge and skills in public mental health

Fenton, K. & Arora, S. Public Health Matters Blog. Published online: 10 October 2016


Providing the right training and building the capacity of the workforce to promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental illness is essential if we are to reduce health inequalities and increase skills in enabling people to recognise and manage their health and wellbeing.

Good mental health underpins health and wellbeing and also our ability to change unhealthy behaviours or manage long-term conditions.

Mental illness is also associated with many physical health conditions and, as reported in the recent Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, one adult in six has anxiety or depression.

It is essential, therefore, that our entire workforce is trained in mental health.

Read the full blog post here

The Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF)

Public Health England | Published online: 10 August 2016

The revised PHSKF, accompanied by a helpful user guide, will be an important tool in developing public health capabilities needed in future.


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The framework is accompanied by a helpful user guide, setting out how it can be used by individuals, employers and educational providers working in public health.

People in UK Public Health led on extensive consultation and development work which saw high levels of engagement from the workforce. Read the review of thePHSKF.

With endorsement from across the public health system, the revised framework aims to be reflective of the prevailing public health landscape, ensuring the public health workforce continues to develop the skills and competences needed both now and in future.

Read the full overview and user guide here

Read the full report here

Evidence-informed public health


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The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools has developed a resource to support evidence-informed public health. It includes a compendium of critical appraisal tools, and an online learning module called Introduction to Evidence-Informed Decision Making. Find out more here

Factsheet: A model for about evidence-informed decision making in Public Health